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Aligned as Life

One of the greatest tools I've come across in my life that has assisted and supported me to realize when I am in alignment with who I am as Life and when I'm not is a simple recognition of how I'm feeling.

If I am feeling low or discouraged or angry or anything of a heavier, denser experience... you could say "negative" emotions, I know I am not in alignment with who I am. The reason I know this is not who I am is because of how I feel and how I am not able to live my utmost potential when I feel that way.

I know that who I am is like what I see in a child. That carefree, eager, fun, playful, silly, explorative, curious nature is who I am. That trust in the environment, the willingness to try things out, the full of life energy that allows me to move myself always - I know that is who I am and I know that when I feel like that it's because I am having supportive beliefs and thoughts about myself, who I am, and my day to day living.

It has become quite a clear, easy, black and white cross-reference for gauging where I am and whether I am in alignment with who I am or not. How do I feel? Am I sad, angry, jealous, envious, blaming, resentful, spiteful, or any other emotion that I could define as negative? If so, I know that's not who I really am. If I am feeling that way I know I am accepting an idea of myself that is in separation from who I really am. Am I joyful, light, eager, silly, playful, inspired, and overall happy? I know that's really who I am and so I know if I feel that way, I am in alignment with who I am as Life.

From my perspective, life is meant to be fun and if we are not having fun we are missing the point.

I am grateful for my son Phoenix for being such a clear cross-reference for me for what the true expression of life is, He supports me by his living example of how life expresses in its natural, pure state. So he is my guide and mentor and teacher

and I am so grateful to him and myself for recognizing the gift he is giving me every day as to how I can live and apply aspects I see in him in my own life.

I have been and am on a journey of reconnecting and aligning to who I am as my innocence and purity - who I am as life in fact - and it's been a challenging and incredible homecoming as I am remembering the purpose of this life. It's meant to be joyful and freeing and fun. And so that is my aim each day - to live joy, freedom, and fun.

I'd like to share more of my process and journey and understanding and insights as I feel I have gained so much knowledge and experience in this past year since becoming a mother. Writing has always been a great way to integrate the realizations I have or the knowledge and information I've come across so I'd like to practice writing and sharing more what I am seeing, living, and realizing each day. That's the win-win situation of self-support.

Thanks for reading and for walking with me.

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