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Aligning with Life - Practical Example

I want to clarify and specify the blog post I shared yesterday - just to give a better example of what I mean by assessing when I am in alignment with who I am as life and when I'm not.

I gave somewhat of an example when saying I know when I am feeling light, carefree, silly, playful, curious, eager, etc... it's because I am having supportive and encouraging thoughts/points of view about myself and my life.

Here I want to expand on how I know I am not in alignment with who I am as life to better assist those that may be reading to be able to support themselves to see when they are also not living their utmost potential and in alignment with who they are as life.

When I am experiencing anger, frustration, boredom, depression, irritation, lack of motivation... anything that is heavy and it feels like I am dragging myself through my day/life then I know I am in separation of who I am as life. What causes this? A perspective/belief/point of view or self-talk that is diminishing in nature - that denies my potential, my capabilities, and my true essence as who I really am.

So for example, if I have an idea to create a blog, or a vlog or to start a project or a business or to talk to this person or that person... and when I have the idea, I like the idea and I am eager to implement this idea and I feel inspired and excited and want to move this point forward but in that moment or shortly after I go into self-doubt, self-judgments or anything that suggests it's a "bad idea" or "I shouldn't waste my time" or "there's no point" because of this or that reason, or if I'm using my past against me... "this is what happened last time, it will probably happen again..." ANYTHING that suggests that who I am or the idea I had is useless is SELF-DECEPTION. That is the lie we tell ourselves.

My cross-reference for this point is my son, Phoenix. If I heard him talking to himself about something he thinks about, or wants to do, or pursue in such a way where he is diminishing himself and his abilities and potential... I know that is a lie. I know how capable and able he is to do anything he sets his mind to, that he can accomplish anything and he should and can reach for the stars because his only limitation is the one he sets on himself, that he can move without limitation because all experienced limitation is a self-imposed belief. So - if how I speak to myself would make me cringe at Phoenix talking to himself that way, then I know I can just dismiss it because it's not true.

I know who I am as Life is reflected in the children. The eager, fun-loving, joyful beings that are here to explore and learn and play together with everyone and anyone else willing to be open and playing with them... that is our living example, that is the embodiment of life's utmost potential and so I know if what I think, say or do doesn't align to what is best for him then it's not best for me.

And so this is how I check myself - I see how I am feeling and if how I am feeling is not light and free then I know I am telling myself a story that is not aligned to who I am and thus it's my job to stop telling myself the untrue stories and to instead get back to the truth of who I am as Life - I am joy, I am love, I am silly, I am eager, I am playful, I am curious, I am capable, I am powerful, I am able, I am worthy, I am valuable, I am all as one as equal and I deserve to create, express and live my utmost potential - I am deserving of creating what I want, and experiencing what makes me happy, I deserve a life of my dreams. I deserve to pursue that which is my passion. That is who I am and anything less than that is bullocks.

Have fun - be good to yourselves. Treat yourself as the precious child you are. If you are feeling shitty, check your thoughts and if you see you are telling yourself something or believing something that is making you feel shitty, trust that you can DISMISS those thoughts and that story. It's not who you are. You are whole, complete, innocent, and worthy of life in all its glory. Own it, claim it, stand equal to it because it's who you are.

I love you. Thank you for reading and for walking with me.

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