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Broader Perspective on the Money System and Life

Hi all! Hope you are all treating yourself well and giving yourself space to play and immerse yourself in Joy. Otherwise, what's the point?

I recently was fortunate to participate in a discussion with some awesome folks about who we are in relation to money (individually and globally).

Here are some excerpts from the chat, just my sharings, and perspective on Money, etc:

-We look to money to give us the security and safety e so crave which stems from then our relationship to our mother and perhaps not feeling safe and secure in our beginning. it comes back to the family hey?

-I've been experiencing quite a shift with Money where my relationship to it has always been pretty loose and casual, I've been able to not hold too much attachment for it, except for wanting a fuck ton of it... but recently I'm seeing it more of an outflow of who I am rather than a means to get to if that makes sense

-...also the love of our mother at home... there are emotional and mental needs we also require, not just physical, which is where the caregivers come in

-yes I mean our relationship to money is everything in terms of it determining how it moves in and out of our lives.

-it seems like we have placed so lue on it instead of letting it be just a means of exchange as it should

-...meaning my focus and aim isn't about making money it's about making sure I am doing things each day that make me feel alive and are fun and I am exploring my curiosities - so the goal/aim is not to attain money, it is to live my best life, to be joyful. From my perspective, that will naturally then allow the money to flow because I am moving according to my expression and the money will support me in that

-...also knowing in the end, I do have a family I could count on. There have been times however with my partner and me where we have walked through some money fears and for me, it was like you know what, when it comes down to it, if we run out of money we will find a way - we will get extra work, we will do what is necessary to be done to ensure we do not end up in a situation we don't want to be in so from that perspective it's like okay, well fear perhaps isn't as necessary because we can count on ourselves

-...I can create myself to be such a foundation to support more people as well, with money, but also just with living our best life possible, a life worth living without needing the world system to change first. I have theories I'm testing out lol so will keep you posted haha

but I'd love to have a space/place/environment to support people, to have us living/working/creating, music studio, animals, communal dinners, everyone living and working together. I'd love to create that on a smaller scale to show what's possible - life in harmony with ourselves, each other, and our environment.

-...I recently was looking at this point of how the physical environment/nature and those critters and plants alike, trust that their environment will give them what they need and require - what they need will be there. So I was like shouldn't I be seeing my environment/reality the same way? I'm part of nature, I am nature so surely that principle applies to me... this reality does have everything I need so do I just simply need to trust it more? is that a missing piece perhaps?

-...though I do see the money system as a manifestation of our acceptance and allowance so if enough of us change our relationship to money and life in general, the systems will change naturally

-...It is all an outflow of us. We change, the system changes. Wham bam, thank you, ma'am!

-...I mean must consider it all. One question/perspective is are we creating for the old world, current world, or the new one we want to create? I think there is value in doing what comes natural and brings with it joy and excitement and happiness, to me that is the world we want to create so I mean we have to start somewhere

-...Self-trust leads to trusting Life because you know you can count on yourself. And when you have self-trust and life trust you start trusting others because you know you can trust others because you can trust you if that makes sense lol as long as you are not allowing doubts, or self-diminishing thoughts to bring you down and are instead standing in a self-supportive, uplifting and encouraging way, as a mother would her child, you know you are living your utmost potential in any moment

-...For me, it was a matter of really diving into me... into the internal as the source. It doesn't matter what is going on around me. who am I here... so connecting with me, making ME my focus, giving me the moments of my day to do things that are fun for me, that made all the difference. from there how I viewed my external changed, the without is an outflow of the within so all our power is within ourselves. the body, the inner world, the inner you - who you are in relation to you is the source relationship to align with

-...Polarization happens when we judge something as more or less than another rather than simply seeing it all as this magical thing that is giving us space to express, reflect, observe, experience... life is truly magical and miraculous

-...this (inequality) really can end with the individual and the more the individual stops this type of relationship the more others have an opportunity to. we are always in a position to empower ourselves and others and in that, we don't need anything external to change because we are changing, and not to say the external won't change or we don't change the external, but it will flow naturally once the internal is changed

-I have accounts where I allocate funds but I also use them as I need. So I move it like water... just keeping flowing to me and from me. And I practice not reacting or wanting to hold onto the money to save, I am practicing to trust the flow of money - I will have what I need when I need it. money is a part of life like all is, so I also practice celebrating it and being grateful for it and what it allows me to do but I know essentially it gifts me with my fundamentals but also experience in life so I use it as I'd like to as it is in abundance. that is our goal, to move it like water, like blood, flowing it to all the parts that require it (starting with ourselves)

-...I heard also this point of what is our relationship to money in terms of, if we were in a romantic relationship with it, is it an envious, jealous relationship or one we feel abandoned by or one that we try to hold onto or are we understanding of what it's true nature is and give it the grace to move accordingly, like we do ourselves, and not attempt to hold onto it or control it

Question for me: Is there a concern that an abundance of money for all in humanity’s current state will accelerate the consumption and destruction of our planet? Like I see our super-rich using great amounts of our planet's resources for just one of their throw away parties on an island.

My answer: No because it's a matter of one's starting point. our current acceptance and allowance of lack and limitation are what creates lack and limitation, from my perspective. we consume externally because we are looking for ourselves. if all connect with themselves they no longer need anything external and instead, we express and create from a knowing of abundance, which is truly within each one, that source of life. We are all missing ourselves, looking and consuming outwardly instead of turning inward and knowing we truly have everything we need, go without and you go without. go within and you are fulfilled

-from one perspective the solution is to focus on self and getting self in the position to support. As an individual, looking at the world stage/points you are disempowered because there is nothing you can do atm so we must get ourselves empowered to then direct more points. if we can't direct our daily lives and self within equality and oneness and what is best for all, we can't do it on the world stage. bring it back to self

-for me, it's really about who we are, not what we do. it doesn't matter what we do, it's who we are. who are we?

-anything is possible and your curiosities and what intrigues

and fascinates you, you should pursue

-I am absolutely looking forward to this decade and how I am moving and what thus is being created because I see a shit ton of potential. for me, it has become so important for me to root and ground myself in this daily living. to see who I am in fact and am I walking breath by breath to ensure I am directing all points each day because then I know I will expand and I am quite satisfied with my movement, it's been so fun, and really I feel more alive then ever so I have no doubt anything but expansion is becoming

-yes, that was truly the key for me, the way is the children and who they are and how they express and approach their moments, once I realized this felt like I was handed the keys to the kingdom

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