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Changing the Experience of Time

One of the more prominent changes in my experience in the last year has been my experience in relation to time. I have come to the conclusion that in order to create a new world system we must live as if that new system exists now. So who would I be in a system that ensures everyone is cared for - all the survival needs are met - and I am free to explore who I am, my interests, and my curiosities and passions? How would I experience myself? How would I approach my days, my life, other people? How would I experience time?

For me, for quite some time, I have experienced quite a rush-ness in relation to time. "Time is always against me" was the statement I was living, and so I had this feeling of racing against some clock... time will eventually run out, and then what?? Well, it did to a degree lol because I have changed my relationship to time.

I am no longer rushing after time, trying to fill in as much as I can in one day because of fear of not having enough time to do anything... I also changed my relationship to money, my life, my creations, and overall I have removed this idea that I need some condition to change in order to experience myself in a more beneficial, fulfilling way and so what did that open up for me? The realization that I have all the time in the world... there is nothing really I must do as a point of "if I don't get it done then the worst possible thing ever will happen..." I simply let go of this idea that I must fear time.

"Tiiiiiiiiiiime is on my side... Yes, it is!!!"

This was also linked to the fear of death. Our lives have become this countdown to facing our ultimate fear which is the fear of death... the fear of no longer existing, the fear of no longer LIVING. But to me, this implies we aren't actually living because we are so busy/consumed with the fear of death. And as our days are passing us by we are getting closer and closer to the inevitable due date and so we believe we must hurry and get as much done as possible... essentially we are just racing against an imaginary clock because we have no idea what happens after death.

For me, time is experienced according to one's relation to time. So I slowed myself down... I started telling myself I have enough time, I stopped the rush-ness experience, I stopped the belief that "this must be done NOW" and if something wasn't done, I no longer allow myself to dwell in the fear of the consequence of not doing something. I take my time, I move slowly, I enjoy the simple moment of reality without needing to be anywhere, doing anything, or even creating something. I just am, in the moment.

And so this has definitely created a change in how I experience time. There is SO much time in a day - in a week... truly a day is a lifetime. SO much can happen, SO much can get done! Seriously... if you feel like you are always running out of time, and you can't get to everything you want to I encourage you to look at your relationship to time. How do you think about time? What are your beliefs about time? Do you feel like you have more than enough or not enough? And if you can identify these, you can change them... and even more simply, start practicing the real-time, physical change. When you see yourself panicking in a moment about not having enough time, stop yourself. Breathe, do your best to let go of the thoughts and focus on the moment you find yourself in. Remind yourself you set the pace, time really is in your hands.

Our experience has so much to do with our inner-dialogue and what we've accepted and allowed as our core beliefs... so if we can change that, we can change our experience and thus change who we are, how we move and so what we create.

You have so much power - you can change your experience of time. Truly we are all subject to the same amount of time, but how each of us experiences that is quite subjective. So, take responsibility for how you experience time because who you are in relation to time is a living testimony to who you are, what you create and so what you show others life is all about. If you are feeling rushed and short and like time is running out, I invite you to slow down and dare to live as you would if you had all the time in the world and don't be surprised if, when allowing it, you realize you truly do have all the time in the world.

Lastly - I invite you to imagine a world where we all have all the time in the world. there is nothing needing to be done and nowhere to go... we instead have all the SPACE AND TIME we need to relax, fall into the present moment and decide who we are, what we want to do, and how we'd like to express ourselves. without fear of time directing us. Ohh - that is truly the life!!

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