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Creating Peace in Polarity

With the news of Roe v. Wade being overturned - we are in the midst of another polarizing topic for many people. There are so many strong feelings about this particular point, on both sides of the spectrum and I'm not here to take a side. Instead, I am here to remind us all that the spectrum is one and the same. Whether you are on the far left or the far right of this topic, you are on the same spectrum. In standing on either side we've created quite a vast and different view of the topic but in truth BOTH are right, neither is the only way to look at it and the goal here is to find peace within the polarity.

One of the first points that came up for me when hearing of the news of this landmark and influential case being overturned was what happens when we put all the emotions aside and look at the facts of the matter. What are the actual considerations and contemplations of each of the Judges of the United States Supreme Court as to their decision in this matter? What is the actual matter at hand? So many blanket statements and sentiments like to say "women lost their rights to have autonomy over their body" or "life is being saved" but in truth, neither of those is actually what is happening, except for perhaps each individual that applies their own meaning to the outcome sure, that is what is happening. But when we get down to nitty-gritty details what actually happened is the court decided that the constitution does not protect a women's right to abortion and so each state is now left to decide where it stands in relation to the issue and how they would like to conduct dealing with such matters within their borders.

But the point here I really want to look at is learning to see from another's perspective. Someone who has a differing opinion from you regarding the matter of abortion, from their perspective, has a valid opinion and perspective. And there is not EVER one way to look at something. There are billions of ways to look at something. As many humans as there are you can look at something in a different way.

So let's firstly get over this idea that your view/way is the right view/way and consider HOW one gets to the conclusion and so position in relation to these things. Consider where they grew up, religious influences, cultural influences, geographical influences, family influences, and town/city/community influences... I mean there are so many ways in which a person's view is shaped that we must give ourselves a moment to recognize we have different views on things and that's OKAY. AND dare ourselves to consider if I am unable to change MY beliefs, how can I expect someone else to?

Since when did we decide different views mean we must divide? Who wins when we are divided? Who wins when we are at war? It's interesting how so many want to blame "the rich man" for creating wars when truly it is the average, every day person creating a war with their brothers and sisters as their fellow human beings because of a differing VIEW on some topic.

Perhaps it's time we let go of the NEED to define ourselves according to what we BELIEVE to be true and rather hold tight to defining ourselves as ONE and the SAME, human beings, flesh and blood, divinity as God in the flesh and start treating each other as we would want to be treated; to start loving each other as we would like to be loved. Start giving to each other what we know we each deserve, which reflects a true HUMANITY.

There is enough space for everyone to have their beliefs without imposing it on another as if to say that way is the only right way.

And if we are scared, fearful, or tired of being told what to do by the government then that is a sure sign that we have room to grow and step into our own responsibility and power as self-directive principles of/as our own life. If you think the government has control over you you have given up so much of your power and ability to create, decide, move and express yourself. If you think someone with a different opinion or belief is preventing you from living, you are sorely missing all the opportunities you have each day to live fully in/as your life, this miraculous thing called life.

This is me opening up the points as I saw them in hearing about the latest issue that people are going to war with each other over. I am looking forward to expressing these points and more as they open up in some vlogs to come so if you are still reading and haven't yet, please subscribe and follow along to my YouTube Channel.

Remember, we don't have to wait for the world to change. We can change in how we see, approach, and interact with our world and my reference is to ask myself, "who would I be if we lived in a world of peace and harmony now? How would I interact with others? How would I treat others? How would I view the world?" And then live that today, and every day, and so becoming the living example of the world we want to create. With this topic, it's to let people believe what they believe... rather ensure you are clear on what you believe and WHY and then live it to create the reality you are in to be an example of what is in fact best for all. Don't waste your time trying to dismantle another's belief... ensure your belief STANDS the test of time as what is best.

Thanks for walking with.

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