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How We Will Create World Peace

One of the revelations I had this past year was how we will create a world where all are taking self-responsibility for themselves and creating a world that is best for all is much more simple than I ever imagined.

As I was coming into new insights and realizations about the responsibility I had to my life, creating my life, my happiness, my joy, my overall experience in my day to day living I realized that I had for SO LONG, pretty much my whole life, focused waaayyyyyy too much on other people. I would always look to see what others were doing and use them as a guide for me in what I should be doing. I would judge people, I would assess them, I would define them as this or that, right or wrong. I was saying they are doing this wrong, or they are not considering this... they are not living right and they are contributing to the problem humanity has. I was distracting myself with the dramas of other people's lives or how everyone was living wrong!!

Until one day I woke up and realized how much I was wasting my time and my life. I had spent years waiting for something to happen in my life, watching others live their life, judging them for being acceptable or not according to my perspective, and just dwelling in the fact that the world was burning and no one was doing a god-damn thing about it.

Again, until one day I woke up and realized I am someone. What the fuck am I waiting for?? Someone said something to me that was like a magical pill... or rather it was the red pill. They said "you do you" and this phrase hit me like a ton of bricks. The way I received this phrase, "you do you" was I have NO control of what others are doing, thinking, saying, living in their life but I DO have control over who I am, and what I'm living and thinking and saying and doing and creating.... so WHY am I using my life, my time and space and attention and focus to assess what others are doing???? Why am I not just LIVING my life??

So this was a huge fricken wake-up call for me! And I realized how simple it would be to create a world where each were expressing their self-responsible, directive principle as what is best for all by simply living what is best for them, focusing on them and creating their life to their utmost potential and STOP looking/focusing/paying attention to what others are doing.

This was a major shift I made within myself this past year where I stopped looking outside/externally so much at events, circumstances, or people and rather focused inward and who I am here, in each moment. And taking some time to get to know me as seeing what do I want to do today, how can I live more passionately - what do I want to express? How do I want to express myself? Who do I want to be for/as other people?? I have been taking inventory and walking myself and my life and letting go of this dependency really on focusing more on others as the judge who condemns.

Imagine a world where everyone stopped looking to others to change and rather changed themselves. Imagine a world where everyone stopped pointing fingers at what is going wrong and rather lived the solution instead. Imagine a world where everyone took responsibility to create their utmost potential as THEIR LIFE and to be a living example for others. Imagine a world where everyone took responsibility for their happiness, joy, peace, and, freedom. Imagine a world where everyone took the reins of their life, as the creator of their life, and let others do the same equally. Imagine a world where others took it upon themselves to stop all war and conflict with others.

Man, imagine that... a world of equals living and directing themselves according to what is best for them... that's when we will have a world best for all as all are taking responsibility to live what is best for them. Truly Heaven on Earth.

Okay, so a bit of a rant tonight as this is partially inspired by an engagement with someone earlier today that left me a bit rattled.

In the end, we must remember we have no control over what others are doing or saying or thinking or living and if we are focused on them and how much we dislike what they are doing or saying or thinking or living then we are truly wasting our life and our potential.

Worry about yourself, live your utmost each day. be the living example of loving thy neighbor as thyself (which means to stop all blame, anger, and resentment towards each other and instead offer LOVE, forgiveness, and understanding that we are all doing the best we can considering each one's circumstance) and get back to what you truly have power and control over which is YOUR LIFE. This is your one life to live. Make the most of it... don't give it up to assess, judge, or condemn others. Be the living example for all to see that what you think, say, and do creates your reality as what is BEST.

That is all for now.

Thanks for reading and walking with :)

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