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Intuitive Movement

What is emerging more and more lately is this point of Intuitive Living or Intuitive Movements. I could see this is how I've been approaching my life in the last months, wanting to move with inspired action only - it's learning how to go with the flow of myself, my body, my life, my reality, other people... learning how to be flexible and trust the ebb and flows of life, so being completely embracing of what is and how it exists and letting go of all resistance of what I think it should be because that truly is the source of my suffering.

So I see more now what I have been and am practicing and incorporating more into my life is this intuitive movement. It became more clear to me as I was reaching the end of a phase of my gardening where the soil has been worked, the area has been prepared and the seeds have now been planted. What I saw was this point of, in previous years I was very much "let's organize and plan" prior to moving at all in the yard. I wanted to draw the blueprints up if you will... wanting to know what I was doing before I did it. This year however, there is SO much more flexibility and really just moving myself in the moment. So being in the yard, seeing I want to put some seeds down, seeing what I need to do in order for that to happen, and then making decisions in the moment.

The flow of preparing the garden this year seems way more relaxed and comfortable and I'm actually excited to see if how I moved allows for the garden to thrive, as I expect it will... there is a sense of trust and willingness to just see, experiment, test out, try things... pushing boundaries and ideas of what things "should be" or how I'm "supposed to" garden and just going with the flow... which REALLY means, trusting my BODY and my senses to make a decision in the moment. What do I feel like doing? How would I like to move now with this soil.. what kinds of seeds do I want to put in this space? And really just learning how to assess the feel of a moment and go with whatever comes up.

It's so fun and freeing actually because in the past I would be concerned about ensuring the soil was right for the type of plant or that certain plants were or were not next to each other... there was just way more hands-on/needing to control an outcome, rather than trusting myself and my instincts/intuition to just move as the moment.

It's like aligning to the soil, so the seeds, to the space, to the yard, the environment... becoming one with what is here and acting within/as this space and expressions as the garden. It's really fun. It's almost as if I can stand as all of it and make decisions as to the collective of the yard - as the seeds, the soil, the space, the garden... all parts standing in/as one point and directing how all would like to direct to create an expression of/as the garden.

And it's the same with cooking - I see I am way more flexible and willing to try things out without the need for them to turn out perfect. It's more fun in creating based on intuitive and in-the-moment decision-making rather than having all things "in place" and "prepared" before I start. It's like diving into the deep end and trusting you will figure it out and if you don't, you will have learned a whole hell of a lot!!

So that's what I've been busy with these days... incorporating more intuitive movement/living in my life. The same goes with this blog and other passion projects of mine. I used to be such a stickler about scheduled and thinking/believing that being consistent/constant was proof I was valuable and worthy when I now realize the real value is moving as being inspired, as the point is really here and ripe within/as me - it's like now is the time to express because the expression is ready to come through. otherwise it's premature and apparently premature is not the best??

Lastly - let's define intuitive. Google defines intuitive as using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning; instinctive. Instinct is a great synonym for intuitive. It's being instinctive - trusting oneself, one's body, mind, being as the whole of who one is and the moment to direct according to what is best - but what is best here is not according to anything other than what one prefers at the moment. Honoring oneself, one's preference, one's interests, and curiosities... allowing oneself's true self to be expressed.

This is very much what has and is continually emerging within/as me - moving from/as the moment as what I see, realize, and understand, and so FEEL is best. Going with the flow, trusting myself/my instincts as to what comes up at the moment. No hesitation, no 2nd guessing, no 2nd thoughts. just move, test, and see and really HAVE FUN.

I am having fun moving freely within my reality :)


Thanks for reading and walking with. How do you move/live intuitively?

PS: I decided to do all wildflowers on one side of our land and veggies on the others. I CANNOT WAIT to see those wildflowers bloom and all the beautiful hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees enjoying the flowers as much as we will be enjoying them :)

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