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The Magic of Life

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

This past summer I realized how much I was missing the magic of Life. I gave up the idea of life being fun or exciting or something that I could really explore as being mysterious or magical... once I realized how much I missed this and embraced the fact that I oh so craved the magic of life, I came alive.

I began to allow myself to remember and see the little synchronicities in seemingly insignificant moments. The messages from the birds, the clock flashing 11:11, or seeing the same specific numbers over and over again. That was only the beginning - then you start meeting new people and in conversation hearing some freaky similarities that seem way too coincidental to be accidental. I allowed myself again to remember how God is in the Small things... the devil is in the details is another way of putting it but really what I'm saying here is that NOTHING IS RANDOM, everything is SO SPECIFIC and if you start to open up to believing, seeing and so allowing you will notice how your physical reality is dancing with you... reflecting back to you who you are in every moment.

Think of it as an equation. There are two points that stand equal to each other. You are the left side of the equation, let's say the input - you, as who you are in thought word, and deed, is the source of instruction for the output which is the reality that you are programming. Reality is programmable and you hold the instructions. You are, very literally, living out who you are on the inside. As within, so without.

So in remembering this, and allowing myself to embrace this as my truth and understanding, I remembered how FUN life can be and how I hold all the power and control to my life experience. I can, in theory, and actuality, experience, create and so manifest anything I can perceive. The key - your belief.

Beliefs actually matter. You can't create something if you don't think it's possible.

So I started letting myself remember anything is possible. I started letting myself use my imagination and become even wild in my consideration of what was possible... I realized more and more there were NO limits to who we are and so what we can create.

How does this all work? Quantum Mechanics explains most of it and science is more and more able to explain how this works - for me though I use what resonates with me. Based on the information I've read and seen and heard and based on my own living experience, and insights and realizations, what I've come to understand is that we are eternal, infinite beings, and in every moment there is an INFINITE amount of possible realities that can play out. How to create the reality we want to play out? Aligning to our utmost/highest potential and so truth - remember ing who we really are.

With this, truth is subjective in terms of what really matters to each person and what one wants to be real as their reality, but there seems to be some foundational truths. We are the magicians of our lives.

Magic, the word, is defined as, "the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces," and "wonderful, exciting."

In essence, living the word magic for me is to open myself up to the wonderful, exciting and even mysterious POWER and influence I have as a Creator, within Creation. We may not understand who we are, what the universe is, or what Creation is in its totality but that doesn't stop us from standing in our utmost empowerment as the Creator of our Reality.

What would happen if you stood equal as Creator of Your Reality? In realizing that there is nothing creating your reality - nothing outside of you, nothing greater than you, nothing with power and control over you, and that purely through your thoughts, words, and deeds YOU are designing and so projecting/reflecting YOU back to Yourself? Nothing is random, nothing is by chance. Everything is divinely orchestrated by what you accept and allow.

This truly is a magical life with infinite potentials and possibilities!

Of course, I have more to share on this, but that's good for now. 'Till next time.

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