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Where to Begin?

At 36 years old I have experienced a great awakening. I thought I had my great awakening in 2009 when I started to question the World we lived in - all the questions flying around; why am I here? who am I? what is this world we've created? What is the point of this all? Why do I have to work? Why is everybody moving so fast? What is my purpose? What is our purpose? Seriously - why are we here? Why is there such a struggle? Why are we all racing? What the fuck is the point of this all? Why do some have so much and some have so little? Why is there starvation? Why is there war and conflict? Why is there so much doubt and questions and unanswered questions? Why don't we know who we are?

This past summer I began to unravel, quicker than expected, to all I had been hiding deep within myself.

The cosmos always called to me... the vastness of space and the seemingly unending amount of stars in the universe... surely there was an answer to this greatness I saw. What was this calling deep within me? What was this draw I had to Life and answering these Questions?

I am starting this blog to share myself as I have realized Who I am as Life. While I was convinced I did know who I was, and my purpose for that matter, for the past decade or so, this summer I realized there was so much more to the story and as I quickly peeled each layer back, the realizations gave me a clearer and clearer picture, the story coming more and more into focus and view. My whole life was leading to this and showing me the meaning of Me and Why I am Here. Only now have I allowed and opened myself to see.

So my hope and intention is to create a space for me to get it all out for myself and for you. Each of our lives holds such precious moments and such utter specificity in answering all the questions we've ever had. Nothing is random or by chance... everything is so specific. I want to reflect on this life as my journey to my great awakening, realization and re-membering of myself. And hopefully in my sharing my story you can start to see yours a bit more clearly as well.

I have no idea what is ahead of me, or what will come of this blog, only that I now know Who I Am, Why am I here and what I want to create for myself and what I'm able to actually create for myself. However I hold no expectations and wish to only allow myself to flow as my words here, to express my truest and utmost potential.

So where do I being? I will begin here.

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