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How I Discovered my Limitations and Eradicated Them

Last summer I came to a realization in relation to my words. I saw this point of resistance in speaking certain words, claiming certain statements as who I am because well I believe it wasn't who I was. What I saw within this was how I was actually limiting and diminishing myself as who I really am in not allowing myself to speak/state certain words/statements of who I Am... that was the first time I saw the accepted and allowed separation I was actually living.

So I started to push and play with speaking words as who I am - to make bold statements and to claim a standard of who I am that is truly best for all. In the name of Life as the nature of abundance, thriving, flourishing I started making statements to assert myself, to see who I am... to see if I am able to even speak the words because to me that implied if I was able to live it because that's the thing... you cannot speak what you are not living. Or at least that is what I realized for myself... I was not able to say certain things because I was accepting a limited idea of who I am.

So I played with it... I am thriving, I am abundance, I am oneness, I am equality, I am ALIVE, I am LIFE, I am the physical, I am God, I am all as one as equal... and in my heart, I knew it to be true and those two points coming together really, from my perspective, was part of the catalyst to my awakening. And how did I get here? I went within... I turned inward. I shut off the outside and grounded myself into the center of my being... I saw the purity and innocence of my core, I saw that we are all one ( and by default equal) and from this realization, I saw there is no one greater than me. That is not to say I am greater than anyone, I am only saying I saw no one was greater than me. I am not inferior to anyone or anything. I am equal. I am one. And that was like what a revelation! I finally stood up within myself and no longer accepted this idea that I am inferior to anyone or anything. I am one with all, I am equal to all. In that equality, I realized our oneness and that to me was a game-changer.

Anywho, the point really here is are you able to speak specific words or statements of who you are? Are you able to speak the words I am Life, I am unconditional love, I am free of judgment, I am free of resentment and blame, I love and respect all life... I am rich and thriving as the nature of Life, I am abundance, I am flourishing, I am thriving... I am ALIVE, I am FREE. Can you make these statements and if not, why? Is there a limitation taking place?

So I encourage you to explore the ways in which you are not standing EQUAL to that which you are as life... that which is what is best for all which is the recognition that LIFE is alive and well and living/expressing harmony as abundance as you can see in nature untouched by man. So as man, it is up to us to equalize ourselves with what is really here which is LIFE thriving. Any denial of that is the denial of ourselves as life in equality and oneness.

Just some sharings for today and how I stood up within equality and oneness as who I am as life. I invite you to play with some statements that push you to realize who you really are, to what your utmost potential is, and to the real expression of you as a point of/as Life in equality and oneness. If you are unable to make grand statements, investigate why and dare to rid yourself of those diminishing, deceitful lies.

Cheers to the well-being, infinite, eternal, and abundant nature of Life. Thanks for walking with :)

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