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You Feed What you Focus On... What are you Feeding?

One of the realizations I had in this last year that was part of my Great Awakening was the realization that Who I Am is the sole factor in the outcome of my life. What I accept and allow as who I am does determine and create my reality and perhaps the larger reality as a whole.

When I hear there is a point of worry and concern in others about people with "bad intentions getting control and power" over certain technologies I consider that ultimately there is nothing we can do about that.

For me - when faced with these things that could cause much fear for someone who is seeing there are people who are greedy or seeking self-interest and willing to manipulate or harm others for their own personal gain, I see them as having no real power over me and actually insignificant to my life. The moment we give our attention to such people and "what they are doing" we have abdicated the power and control we have to our own lives and even to what we are creating. Do you see how such an act could cause one fear and even disempowerment? Because in that acceptance and allowance you have given up the reigns you have to your life as the creator and are now giving it to someone with "bad intentions" that you think and believe will impact your life or you want to prevent an impact in others lives.

Here it's so important, from my perspective, that one accepts what one actually has power and control over. Do you have power and control over what another does or who another is? Absolutely not. Do you have power and control over who you are and so what you do? Absolutely. So where would putting your focus give you the most empowerment? On preventing others from being bad or on establishing who you are?

In giving our attention and focus and energy as fear to another with apparent bad intentions we are only giving them our focus and attention and energy... we are actually helping that thing, we are busy worrying about, to grow. Consider yourself the sun and what you look at and give attention to, what you SEE, is what you nourish and give life to.

So, want to prevent people with bad intentions from "taking power and control" and manipulating and influencing people... stop giving them your attention. Let go of the fear and grab the reigns of your life.

Your focus and attention gives and creates life so you are responsible for what you give your focus and attention to. You are creating through your focus and attention. What you are thus accepting and allowing to be created in this life?

With Love and understanding, all are responsible for themselves, this also including you being solely responsible for you, when we focus in on where we have power and control we free ourselves from the fears we accept and allow when we give our power and control away. Trust that Life is specific and that you don't have to worry about that which you don't worry about. But what you do worry about you may have to worry about.

So don't worry about what others are doing... make sure that you are living and creating in such a way that supports life and nourishes what is best for everyone. give love and you create love and you receive love. Don't give your precious time and energy and attention to those doing things that perhaps aren't to the betterment of humanity. From one perspective who's to say what is right for each person? Do what is right for you as creating yourself to be in a position of power and control as taking full responsibility for the creation of your life, and so life on earth, and then you can start impacting the world on a greater scale.

Until then... you feed what you focus on.

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